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i8 (iFans) TWS
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i8 (iFans) TWS

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The iFans is also known as i8 TWS. It was the first alternative earbuds with magnetic charging and noise cancellation. The sound quality is loud with great bass.
Features - Excellent Bass Sound Quality, Single Microphone, Magnetic Charging, Automatic Pairing, Noise Cancellation
Music Time - 1 to 1.2 hours
Call Time - 1.5 hours
Standby Time - 130 hours
Charging Time - 1hour
Charging Port - Lightning USB
1. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off.
2. Pull out the earbuds, turn them on by pressing and holding the button on each of them, till the lights start flashing. You can do it one at a time.
3. Wait for a few seconds till you hear "Your headset is connected". At this point one of the earbuds light would have stopped flashing (however, it is still on).
4. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth, and find the name of the earbuds as "iFans".
5. Tap to connect.
This product has a 30-day warranty from the original date of purchase.

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