i12 TWS (Red Label) Airpods
i12 TWS (Red Label) Earbuds
i12 TWS (Red Label) - Waterproof
i12 TWS (Red Label) with Realtek Chip Speaker
i12 TWS (Red Label) - Ultraviolet Case Protection
i12 TWS (Red Label) - Double Microphone
i12 TWS (Red Label) - Automatic Pairing


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This original and newly improved i12 TWS with Realtek speaker chip which produces outstanding sound quality. It is perfect for all your various use such as gym, listening to music, watching videos and making phone calls.
Phone Support: Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Others
Feature - Waterproof, Realtek Chip Speaker, Noise Cancellation, Double Microphone, Automatic Pairing, Ultraviolet Case Protection 
Music Time - 3 hours 
Call Time - 4.5 hours 
Standby Time - 240 hours 
Charging Time - 1 hour
Charging Port Type - Lightning USB

1. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off.
2. Pull out the earbuds from the charging case.
3. Wait for a few seconds to allow the earbuds to pair. 
4. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth, and find the name of the earbuds as "i12 TWS".
5. Tap to connect.

This product has a 30-day warranty from the original date of purchase.

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