How Do I Connect My Earbuds?

1. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off.

 2. Pull out the earbuds, turn them on by pressing and holding the button on each on them, till the lights start flashing. You can do it one at a time.

 3. Wait for a few seconds till one of them stops flashing fast (however, it is still on). At this point, you will hear "Your headset is connected". 

 4. Turn on your phone's bluetooth, and find the name of your earbuds. E.g “i7s Mini TWS”

 5. Tap to connect your earbuds successfully. 

How Do I Charge My Earbuds?

1. Place the earbuds in the charging case. 

​2. Press the button on the charging case, the earbuds area will turn red which signifies it is charging. 

​3. When fully charged, the lights in the earbuds area wil turn blue or go offf. 

How Do I Turn Off My Earbuds

Method 1

Press the button on any one of the earbuds for a few seconds till the light starts flashing. At this point, the earbuds will turn off and the other pair will turn off automatically as well. 

​Method 2

Place the earbuds in the charging case, press the power button on the case to power the earbuds on, then press it again to power the earbuds off. 

How Do I Permanently Pair My Earbuds To My Device?

1. Make sure you have initially and successfully connected your earbuds to your device. 

2. Turn off your earbuds by following Method 1 or Method 2. 

3. Have your device's bluetooth turned on. 

4. Turn on your earbuds again, you can do it one at a time, or simultaneously. 

5. Your earbuds will connect to your device automatically. 

How Do I Take Care of My Earbuds?

1. The earphones should be stored in a dry, and ventilated environment to avoid oil, water, moisture or dust. 

​2. Avoid using organic solvents or liquids to clean your earbuds. 

​3. To ensure smooth connection, we recommended that the distance between your earbuds and bluetooth device should be within 10 metres. 

​4. Also, we strongly recommended that you use the standard USB cable or pointed charging cable in the earphone box to charge your earbuds. 

​5. To ensure optimum performance of your earbuds, they must be well charged.