The Benefits of Wireless Earphones (Part 1) - Practicability

Music has been an essential part of human lives. It has been highly elevated with the use of earphones. However, earphones have posted several challenges throughout the years. These include their tendency to be easily tangled and destroyed. But it's a good thing that the advancement of technology has formulated a solution for these. We now have wireless earbuds that make listening to music or receiving calls more convenient. 

Although there may have been many wireless earphones in the past, they are mostly intended for receiving calls and are only for one side of the ear. The current models of wireless headsets are better with groundbreaking technologies whose quality can match wired headphones. Not only will you not worry about wires tangling anymore, but you will also have a better quality of input and output. 

Now, with everything mentioned so far, you may be thinking of shifting from wired to wireless earbuds. However, if you are yet to be fully convinced, do not worry as we have listed the other advantages of owning a wireless earphone that will surely make you consider switching. 


In 2016, Apple released Airpods, their take at wireless earphones. This has generated a buzz throughout the world and made wireless earphones desirable. At that time, Airpods retail at around 219 CAD. However, many companies had followed suit and also created products to compete with this. Companies such as Razor, Samsung, and Sony now have their versions as well.

However, if you like the sleek and straightforward design of Airpods but deem that their prices are too steep, then True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Clonybuds are best for you. Most TWS models retail below 70 CAD, and we did not sacrifice any quality with that price. If you want to purchase these, check out Clonybuds as they are currently on a huge discount for a limited period. 

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