Our response on racism

Black Lives Matter

We, at Clonybuds, sincerely appreciate the contribution of black people in the music industry, which has allowed it to become a thriving industry today. We also value the extensive efforts of our African American team members who have helped this company accomplish success on various levels.

We want to express that our company supports the efforts of the Black Lives Movement to voice out the concerns of the marginalized black people and seek legitimate changes. We have participated in the Blackout Tuesday by showing blackout screens across our website to show our support.

We denounce all the violence and injustice against black people. Thus, we are committed to continually create a safe space for our employees to discuss racial issues and their pains that come along with it. Rest assured that these will not fall on deaf ears, and we will make the necessary changes on our part to uphold accountability for the betterment of our community.

The Tipping Point

The brutal death of George Floyd has opened the eyes of millions to the depths of disregard police officers have for African American lives. However, George Floyd is just one of many. There have been plenty of cases of abuse and violence against black people simply because they have dark skin.

Before George Floyd, there was Trayvon Martin, who was shot by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman served as a neighborhood watch coordinator at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community. He shot Martin, who at that time was only 17 years because he suspected him of a crime. Martin was unarmed when he was shot. Zimmerman was charged with murder for Martin’s death, but he was acquitted citing self-defense. 

Then there was Eric Garner. Garner died in the hands of an NYPD officer, Daniel Pantaleo, who put him in a chokehold while he was being arrested for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes. He died on July 17, 2014, and the police officer who killed him was only terminated five years after the incident. No criminal charges were brought upon him.

There was also Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Jerame Reid, Antonio Martin, Tamir Rice, Micheal Brown, Akai Gurley, and many other Black people who died due to the unfair justice system and racial violence. All these lost lives that could have been saved only prove that systematic injustice runs deep into the core of society, and it is high time to bring a bigger fight to change that.

The Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter is a human rights movement that seeks justice, equal treatment, and freedom for black people. It was founded in 2013 as a response to the death of young Travon Martin in the hands of George Zimmerman. Since then, BLM has been referred to as the modern-day Black Power Movement.

BLM regularly conducts protests to publicly voice out against police killing of innocent black people and police brutality. They also publicly denounce racial inequality and racial profiling against black people in the American Criminal Justice System.

Since 2013, The BLM movement has branched out to Germany, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia in hopes of eradicating the systematic racism integrated with government institutions. Several public demonstrations have been conducted to shed light on inequality and lack of justice on cases involving black people. 

Despite the great intention of the BLM, it has dramatically received criticism mainly due to its conduct of protest, which some turned into riots and caused inconvenience to the public. There have also been plenty of counter slogans that wish to devalue the cause of the movement. Most of these criticisms and counter-movements are from the people of the society who refuse to recognize that they are speaking out of their much-enjoyed privilege.

Today, with the death of Floyd George and the ever-growing number of published videos showcasing police brutality, more and more people understand the plight behind the BLM movement. This has resulted in overwhelming support coming from all over the world.

However, world leaders such as Trump and other government officials still refuse to hear the plea of the world. The fight for justice for BLM will continue to grow until real systematic changes through legislation and policies are made.

What Can You Do?

If you are enraged about the current situation, there are plenty of things that you can do as an individual, company, or community.

As an individual, you can start by reflecting on your actions and ask whether you have ever been racist or not. You may not notice it, but the racism has been unconsciously ingrained in the minds of millions. By doing this, you will begin to break the chains of compulsion and stop perpetuating the narrative that associates dark skin to criminality and violence.

Other than self-reflection, you can show your support by donating to several causes that help propel the movements that pressure the states to create new laws preventing unjust violence. You could also personally join a peaceful demonstration to show your support.

As a company, you can review office incidents involving racial discrimination and forward a strict no discrimination tolerance policies. Hold those that need accountability and punish them accordingly. You could also conduct seminars to educate your employees on how to respect each other’s race and culture.

As a community, let us do our best to support each other. Be there for your black neighbors and allow them to feel that you are with them in this fight. The combined efforts of each member of the community are more powerful than you think.

Final Word

Since time immemorial, our black brothers and sisters have endured injustice and suffering due to racism. Although they have come a long way in gaining their positions in society, it is still very evident that the treatment against them from other people has not yet evolved, and the recent event involving the death of George Floyd proves this.

Enough is enough. Let us gather our voices collectively so that those who refuse to listen and see have no other choice but recognize the intensity of this fight.

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