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Compatible with All iPhones, Samsung, Blackberry, Windows & All Other Bluetooth Devices


Awesome sound quality and battery life, great appearance, and were delivered within 4 hours of ordering! Will definitely be recommending these!


I must say this is the fastest shipping I have ever gotten from buying an item online. My item was delivered the same day when I ordered.

Shakib Al Hasan

I bought these earbuds some days ago, and they were delivered within 24 hours. I was blown away by the sound quality. I highly recommend these, worth the money!

Chetan Bhagania

Awesome quality. Battery lasts long. Will definitely recommend. Bought 5 for my whole family. We are all happy with the performance.


Wow! Super fast shipment! I ordered a set of the i9s buds today hoping they would make it in time for Christmas. They were delivered to my door 3 hours later! Great customer service.

Mike O'Keeffe

Good quality with very reasonable price. Easy to charge them and set up to use. With features like reminding you when ear buds are on, connected or off. Also, It will show you how much battery they have.
Free delivery is very convenient.
Will recommend this product.


Good product, great value!


I am really enjoying my new wireless earbuds. Great product. Excellent customer service. Thank you, Clonybuds!


.....Great company creating quality product. Can't go wrong with these.

Nicholas Roberts


Founded in 2018, in Calgary Alberta Canada. CLONYBUDS is a growing mobile-accessory company that is excited to bring you the best apple airpod clones. They work on all phones and Bluetooth profile such as Apple, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

We aim to deliver our customer's products with our FASTEST shipment services both locally and internationally.